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Fundamentals of Islam (Usool-e-Deen)

1. Tawheed There is only one God
2. Adl God is just
3. Nabowwat Prophethood
4. Imamat The twelve Imams
5. Ma’aad The hereafter


Acts of Worship (Furoo’-e-Deen)

1. Namaz Prayer
2. Roozeh Fasting
3. Khums Paying 1/5 of the extra income to charity
4. Zakat Dues for the poor
5. Hajj Pilgrimage (going to Mecca )
6. Jihad Striving for the cause of God
7. Amr bi Ma’ruf Enjoining others to good deeds
8. Nahyi az Monkar Forbidding others from bad deeds
9. Tavalla Love for those who love Allah
10. Tabarra Taking distance from the enemies of Allah
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